Real Talk [Trigger Warning]

I've talked about my experiences with sexual abuse as a child and teenager in prior posts, but I've never spoken about what those experiences taught me and how it shaped a major part of my life. If you haven't read or caught up on prior posts, I'll give a quick summary of those instances. From … Continue reading Real Talk [Trigger Warning]

The Low Down

Alright, so here's what's been going on in Ashley Land. Pulmonology: MCTD has further progressed and as a result, I now have lung involvement. I went through Pulmonary function testing and it showed that I have a decreased ability to diffuse carbon monoxide into my blood stream. Diseases that cause this issue are COPD, Emphysema, … Continue reading The Low Down

I lied

Just a [ ] tiny post. When I left off, I had a pending stress echo, more medication changes, and a Pulmonology appointment. Stress echo came back normal. Sit a tiny valve leak but it's no worse than last year. Pulmonology appointment was good but concerning. I really like this doctor. She was kind and … Continue reading I lied