I lied

Just a [ ] tiny post. When I left off, I had a pending stress echo, more medication changes, and a Pulmonology appointment.

Stress echo came back normal. Sit a tiny valve leak but it’s no worse than last year.

Pulmonology appointment was good but concerning. I really like this doctor. She was kind and attentive but more than that, she studied my file and was prepared when she came in the room. She was familiar with MCTD, only on a textbook level, but that’s a fuck of a lot better than most doctors. She took the time to ask about which of my issues were major and which specialists made up the core of my treatment plans. That rarely happens, I mean RARELY. She was genuinely interested in hearing about my Rheumatological treatments and where we’re at now. I explained that I’ve tried and failed every medication but one and surprisingly, she agree with my to be discussed treatment decision. One more person on my side is very much welcomed.

I had some testing done and some scheduled that have been derailed by COVID19. Through lab tests and a “blow test” (perverts, I know what you’re thinking), we were able to rule out any allergies (minus seasonal) and asthma. I have multiple lung function testing that was initially postponed due to an upper respiratory infection and has now been further delayed by the pandemic.

Medication Well, I tried and failed another medication, Buspirone, which didn’t work, like at all. I titraited down to 50mg with the Amitriptyline and it didn’t improve my memory, but it did make my migraines worse. I went ahead and went back on my normal 100mg of it, about 2 weeks before the next scheduled appointment. During that appointment on March 5th, I was put on Lamotrigine and it was decided that once I met my individual deductible, she would petition my insurance to cover Neuropsychological testing. Apparently, out of pocket the test costs upwards for $3,000.00 and is something insurance companies like to deny coverage for.

The Lamotrigine has been working, thank God. I’ve not had any nightmares and frequency of the flashbacks has severely diminished. I started on 25mg and even though I feel a difference, it hasn’t been enough for me to be comfortable at this dosage. I emailed my Psychiatrist and let her know that and she went ahead and bumped it up to 50mg which I started last night. Hopefully this is the last dosage adjustment, but knowing me, it wontttttt.

There are more updates to provide, but I am not in the mood to go into it tonight. I shall return within the next few days. Until then…

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