Check This Shit Out

This is what Blue Cross Blue Shield wants me to pay for a 30 day supply of Cellcept (my chemotherapy medication).

This is how much an opioid costs without insurance. I don’t take Oxy for the record.

This is how much Cellcept will cost me per month as opposed to the $6.00 it will cost me once my $2600.00 individual deductible is met.

This is how much Oxy/Acetaminophen costs with no insurance.

This is how much I will have to pay in order to continue taking this medication, because Blue Cross Blue Shield will not cover the medication unless my deductible has been met. This means my hormone imbalance will return to being unbalanced.

Without a manufacturer’s coupon (that gives 12 doses for $5.00 or $0.00 per year) this is what it would cost per month.

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