I Think I Broke Myself

Quite a few updates my friends. Let’s dive in.


Neurology: A miracle happened and my Neuro at Duke had a cancellation, so my appointment was bumped from December to Tuesday. The PA who I love and have seen at almost all of my visit as, is I’m a Duke affiliated office an hour away, so I saw my MD. Super nice guy who listens and takes my health as a whole into account rather than just caring about his “portion”. We discussed the status of my migraines and vertigo. Since I’ve only taken 1 dose of Aimovig, he’s going to continue me on that just at a higher dosage (from 70ml to 140ml) and if in 2-3 months my vertigo hasn’t resolved (and my migraines are better), then it’s off to Vestibular Therapy I go. He also switched me from Rizatriptan to Zolmitriptan, so we’ll find out if it works or not. I’m scheduled for 8 months out rather than 4 months (yay), unless something happens then I’ll go in earlier.

Urology: Every year I’m reminded why I like her so much. She’s one of my favorite doctors not only personality wise, but because she wants to know what’s gone on with my overall health. We discussed me going off of the list dose antibiotic (per my Duke Hepatologist) to see if my enzymes improve when I’ve had 90 days of it not in my system. She had a few questions, but didn’t have an issue with his decision and we decided not to put me on another low dose antibiotic (she doesn’t want me to become resistant on the dew antibiotics I can take), but instead to take D-Mannose and Cranberry supplements. So, sexy time will still conclude with take pills 🤦‍♀️ She was happy to hear that my UTIs are less frequent but, because my recovery time is longer than it has been before. I’m also a huge dumbass and this is why: I didn’t know I needed to give a urine sample (since I usually go to my Urologist once a year) and had an empty bladder, when she asks how I feel and I said “idk I kinda feel like I’m getting a UTI but I doubt it”. Well guess fucking what. Mid day yesterday I got hit with kidney pain and it felt like siracha was coming from my urethra AND she’s out if the office until the 21st so, I went and saw my PCP.

PCP: You know when people frequent a place so often they say “hey I bet I’m paying someone’s salary”, yeah well I fucking am. My PCP walks in the room and says “Ya know, I thought we were going to see less of each other…” and man I fucking tried LOL I ran through the usual updates and my appointment with my Urologist specifically, and I have to take 10 days of Augmentin. Here’s the kicker, the last time I had a UTI, I had to be on 2 weeks of 2 different antibiotics because my body decided it didn’t want to want to get better. So, neither of us knows if the Augmentin will work, until the cultures get examined at whatever lab they use. I was treatment resistant to Augmentin during that bout of constant infection earlier this year and may still be. The last antibiotic I was on was Cipromycin which is a veryyyyy powerful antibiotic that can cause tendon rupture, so this is a last resort. I may need it because I either have a separate infection in my sinuses as well, or whatever infection I have, has spread. I also mentioned to her that I’ve been brushing really easily and those bruises take few and sometimes months to go away. I know a few of my meds can cause you to bruise easily, but it’s never been this bad. No matter where I inject my Victoza in the morning, that area will bruise from a needle thinner than a sewing needle. My iron and clotting factors have always been normal so things really don’t make sense, but then again nothing makes sense when it comes to my health.


I had to stop Celebrex, it made super nauseous and heightened my anxiety. Back to good old Etodolac for now. This is my current medication and supplement list as of today, not including my antibiotic.

  1. Zofran-4mg (As needed)
  2. Vitamin D2-50,000 Units (1x weekly)
  3. Amitriptyline-100mg (1x daily)
  4. Chlorothiazide-1500mg (500mg 3x daily)
  5. Wellbutrin-300mg (1x daily)
  6. ?-37.5mg (1x daily)
  7. Belsomra-20mg (1x daily)
  8. Ativan-.5mg (As needed)
  9. Mometasone Furoate-50mcg Spray (2x daily as needed )
  10. Cellcept-3000mg (1500mg 2x daily)
  11. Plaquenil-400mg (200mg 2x daily)
  12. Mometasone Furoate-0.1% Cream (As needed)
  13. Victoza-1.8mg Auto Injector (Inject 1.8mg daily)
  14. Lyrica-200mg (100mg 2x daily)
  15. Cymbalta-30mg (1x daily)
  16. Etodolac-1000mg (500mg 2x daily)
  17. Medication Compound-5% Lidocaine, 3% Diclofenac, 2% Cyclobenzaprine,c2% Gabapentin (Topically apply 2 pumps up to 4x daily)
  18. Ranitidine-300mg (150mg 2x daily)
  19. ?-145mcg (145mcg 1x daily)
  20. Propranolol-40mg (20mg 2x daily)
  21. Zolmitriptan-5mg (As needed)
  22. Aimovig-140mg Autoinjector (Inject 140mg every 28 days)
  23. Probiotic (1x daily)
  24. D-Mannose with Cranberry Extract-750mg (1x after intercourse)
  25. Vitamin C-1000mg (1x daily)

Doesn’t that look like a bucket full of fun? JFC, NOBODY should need to be on this much shit just to live with a constant 4/10 (or worse) pain level on my pain scale and my pain scale is much different than normal peoples. How did I get here? What’s happened is that the ball has finally begun to drop. I’ve been on chemotherapy for over 2 ½, approaching 3 years (with a combined 7 week break in all that time) and 2 dozen medications throughout the past 5 years. I can’t even begin to imagine the damage it has done. Just because lab work every few months says that certain things are a okay, doesn’t mean there’s no damage, it’s impossible for there to be no damage. But hey, it could always be worse right?

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