Always A Good Time

I have a few updates, nohing super important though.

Hepatology: I have to get labs done in November and depending on the results of the hepatic panel, I may or may not need to schedule an appointment. I just saw my GI/Hepatologist this past Friday and my liver was back to normal. Oddly, my potassium was low which makes zero sense considering it’s either only ever been normal or elevated and the medication I’m on can cause increased levels. I just went this morning to have labs done to recheck my potassium. If it’s low again, I’ll be put on a prescription grade supplement. Yay.

OBGYN: Had my IUD swapped out and it was fucking worse than I remembered. I was out of commission for 2 days and a week later still feel bloated and a bit crampy. I have a follow up next month so the doc can check to make sure it’s still in place and all is okay.

Rheumatology: For some reason my GI tested my CRP (with cardiac function) and it didn’t look so hot. CRP with cardiac function has a deferent “normal” range than just the CRP test, so this range is 0-3.0 and mine was at 8.1. I emailed my Rheumy to let him and asked if there were standing orders already in their system for me to get before my appointment next month and I’m currently awaiting a response.

Ok, so I feel like I need to explain the concern over my CRP labs. My labs have been elevated but not by a whole ton the past 6 months and have been under 20.00 since I’ve been on immunosuppressants. My results may not seem like a big deal considering some people have had or have levels above 50.00. The concern with me, is that because I’ve been on chemotherapy for (just over) 2 ½ yrs and have been on the max dosage of Cellcept since the beginning of the year, my CRP should be within normal limits. My immune system has been slowly worsening over the years and it’s taking longer for me heal from the smallest illnesses and injuries. Hell, I just got my flu shot on Monday and for the first time had hardcore pain the day of and the day after which has never happened before. Last year (when I had back surgery) was the first out of 13 times that I had an issue with anesthesia (I had a bit of a hard time waking from it). The continuous inflammation in my body is affecting different parts in different ways which is why my doctors try so hard to keep it at bay. There’s my mini rant.

I have an appointment on Friday with my pain doctor and then don’t have anything (aside from my psychologist) scheduled until the week of October 14th. I’ll update if anything new and exciting happens.

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