Pieces I Forgot!

I completely forgot that it’s really been this long since I posted.
So, in December my now former Rheumatologist bumped me from 2000mg to 3000mg of Cellcept. I’m still on the 3000mg dosage and that’s unlikely to change unless my CRP is in double digits. My labs have been abnormal all year, but my CRP has gone down in the last 6 months. Every 3 months I get my labs done so May, and Aug results were above the cap of 4.9, but not double digits. Not a total win but I’ll take it.

When I had my Feb labs done, my CRP was still in double digits, despite the increase of Cellcept. Former Rheumatologist and I discussed that if my labs continued to be abnormal and my CRP doesn’t decrease, there was a possibility that I’d be put on Cytoxan. Thankfully, that has not happened, but there is a chance that I could be placed on it in the future. Current Rheumatologist doesn’t want me to go on it ever. He and I both.

I definitely felt the dose increase. The photosensitivity increased which caused (mainly my arms and legs) the Lupus Rash. My acid reflux got worse, my nausea became more frequent, appetite has decreased, and I can’t eat a lot of foods anymore because it’ll cause me to either have horrible heartburn or throw up. Despite being on an antacid and having a stockpile of Zofran, I still have those symptoms and they’re only getting worse.

I’ll post screenshots of labs for yall to see and I’ll be posting another long update as well.

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