Holy Fuck Balls Batman!

Had to cancel my ENT appointment, again. My body still thinks it’s funny to make me throw up every other day or so. I’m not even bothering to make a new appointment until this vomit situation gets sorted out. Thankfully, they aren’t charging me any fees for canceling last minute, which I appreciate more than they’ll ever know. Not all super heroes wear capes yall. The past, two weeks almost, I’ve been trying to cram appointments in before the new year and dealing with people’s stupidity. I managed to get an appointment with my Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist this Thursday and I fucking hope he can give me something. Zofran is usually my best friend, but he’s been letting me down hardcore. I can’t take anything with magnesium or aluminum because of the Cellcept so no antacids for me, yay. Fuck.

I scheduled an appointment (for February) with my Neurologist because the Rizatriptan is making my migraines worse and my tremors are back with a vengeance. The office said that they put me on the cancellation list and in the meantime, will check to see if any medication changes can keep me at bay until my appointment. this appointment has me a little on edge. Last time, it was brought to my attention that developing MS is a very real concern and she didn’t send me for a head CT based on the pattern of my tremors. I have no clue what about mine ruled out the need to test for it. As I usually do, I combed through research on the ‘ins and outs’ of MS. This is why I was upgraded to rainbow unicorn; the symptoms of MS mirror my symptoms from all of my disorders and medications. Some of the more common MS symptoms are: muscle weakness, fatigue, blurred vision, trouble swallowing, and headaches. I have all of those, and more. I’m thinking that the only way anyone is ever going to be able to confirm or rule out MS, is a CT scan. I can’t even tell you what I would do if that’s added to my list of problems. I’m trying really hard not get all hyped up over a possible diagnosis.

Aside from that, CVS has made me realize how fucking stupid can be. First, the specialty department decided to completely forget to fill my Cellcept prescription, despite everything being I order and ready to go. I called and messaged, and it still took 12 days for me to get it in the mail.  THEN when I open the package, I realized that they filled an old script which puts me short 90 tabs for the month. I messaged and got no response, so I spent an hour on the phone with five different people from four different departments for them to go “opps, the correct script was here the whole time, and no one put the right one in until this morning.” Fucking seriously? Do they not understand that you can’t slack and make mistakes when it comes to someone’s medication?

If that wasn’t enough, the CVS location that I go to, had me wait a week to get one script refilled. First it was “shipment will be here Friday and it’ll be ready then”. Well Friday came and went, as did Saturday, and Sunday. No email, voicemail, text message, nothing informing me that there was an issue. I call back Monday and the same girl tells me that the shipment comes in around 3 and it would be filled then. No messages or updates, so I called them back at 6pm and what do you know, no shipment of that medication came in. I flipped the fuck out. I went total Tri-State Guido on the person I talked to. “I don’t know”, “I don’t know”, and “I don’t know” were the only answers I was given. They had me on the phone for half an hour JUST to tell me that they couldn’t do anything UNTIL I asked if another location had it in stock. Well what do ya know, they did. It was really that difficult. I got my script, BUT they didn’t fill my 90 day supply like I needed. I emailed my doctor and told them what was going on so hopefully they can work some magic and get the correct quantity soon. Fucking idiots.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Good times. I’ll post an update after my appointment Thursday. Fingers crossed that all CVS employees get face palmed with some common sense and I have no more issues with my prescriptions.

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