This, That, and The Other Thing

A few updates for ya.

Neurology: My doctor said that the reason I was having more migraine symptoms is likely due to the Amovig wearing off, my body acclimating to new medications, and stress (my biggest migraine trigger). She said to give it a bit more time but if it got worse, she would see me and adjust the medications.

Endocrinology: Appointment went well. I forgot that I haven’t seen my doctor since before my surgery, so I had a ton of information to update. I had some lab work done to recheck my thyroid and something else that I can’t remember. Also, she gave me a sample medication typically used to treat diabetes, (way back in July) to see if that maybe helped some of my symptoms. It did, but since I’m not diabetic or pre-diabetic, my insurance didn’t cover it. Once the sample ran out, I went off it and tried to get back on but my insurance said no. This time, she gave me a sample and prescribed another medication (again, typically used for diabetes) that was an almost identical formula and my insurance covered it. 🤷‍♀️ She gave me a sample that I’ve been taking since last Wednesday. I threw up the day after I started taking it and have been nauseous on and off since. Both are typical side effects that wear off over time so I’m sticking with it.

Cardiology: My appointment was scheduled for Nov. 1, but since that happened to be the day I threw up my entire stomach contents, I canceled. If they don’t call me by Tuesday to reschedule, I’ll give them a ring.

Gynecology: As I suspected, he thinks my best option is to stick with the Mirena. I’ve never had any adverse reactions, it’s the easiest method, and I haven’t had a period in 4 years. The appointment was hard for me and has had me in a funk. I’ll go into more detail when I post tomorrow.

PCP: FINALLY, someone got back to me…only to tell me to ask my Rheumatologist 😒

Rheumatology: Go ahead and get the Pneumococcal vaccine, no need to stop taking Cellcept. Okie dokie, when I feel like being bedridden for a few days, I’ll go do that.

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