A Thought…

Ok bear with me here, this is going to sound crazy, but sometimes I forget that people I don’t know well, don’t know that I’m sick. From people I have to be face to face with weekly, like other moms at Avas’ preschool, I keep my distance. Her teacher knows that I have a disorder that requires me to be on chemotherapy, and that’s it. The only reason she knows that, is because my mom sometimes picks Ava up from school. I felt the need to explain myself, so she didn’t think I was a freeloader who pawns her kid off her parents. Pretty pathetic, I know. Aside from her, and the two friends I’ve allowed myself to make out here, no one knows. I feel like people can tell that I’m sick, but I’m sure they can’t. I’ve never had anyone outside of medical professionals’ notice, let alone comment on the medical alert bracelet I wear. I honestly have zero idea why I care. Ok, thought complete.

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