That That That’s All Folks

Lots to catch up on. Doctor appointments first.

Last Thursday I went to my new Psychiatrist. I was under the assumption that the same person would do both my meds and therapy, like my old psychiatrist; nope. She’ll just be handling my medication which takes some of the load off my PCP. I liked her PA and her, both very nice and genuine people. I got asked A LOT of questions, something that my previous psychiatrist never did. They asked the ‘usual’ questions, “how was your childhood”, “have you ever been sexually assaulted”, “does anyone in your family have a history of mental illness”, it was bit overwhelming. Having to regurgitate decades of information to someone you just met is uncomfortable. I was honest and answered every question, in detail, even things that I’ve shoved down over the years. After intake was done, the doctor came in and went over my medical information and she asked me a few more in-depth questions. Coincidently, she worked with my previous psychiatrist a long time ago and didn’t seem too surprised when I told her that [my old doc] was toxic. At the end of the hour, we agreed to further decrease my Ativan dosage [as planned], stay on my current medication and adjust as needed, and she affirmed my PTSD and OCD diagnoses. I go back in mid-October for medication refills and adjust as needed. The woman at the front desk told me she would call or email me to let me know if any of the therapists took my mental health insurance, but that never happened. I need to remember to call them about that.

This Tuesday, I had my appointment with my Neurologist at Duke. I forgot how awesome the PA that I have is. I think the last woman I saw was another PA or NP, not my doctors PA. I had to wait a bit to see her but when she came in the room, she gave me 100% of her attention. I told her what happened last week at the other Neurology office and described how the Imitrex affected me.

Oh! I didn’t mention that. So, last week, I took a [100mg] tab of the Imitrex and I was in excruciating pain for an hour and a half. the PA that prescribed it to me said that I may feel flush for about an hour, but she NEVER told me that I would be immobile. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the temples with ice picks, my face burned, I couldn’t think, and I felt like throwing up. I went upstairs and laid down for about an hour and a half with an icepack on my face. Oddly enough, after those symptoms passed, I had no migraine or headache. I forgot what it felt like to be headache free, but the side effects of the medication weren’t worth it.

Back on track, sorry. Duke Neuro said to forget the Imitrex and prescribed me Rizatriptan, which is in the same ‘family’ as Imitrex, but without the nasty side effects. We discussed Botox and decided that a newer drug called Amovig would be a better fit. Amovig is a [self] injectable every 28 days and has one minor side effect. The PA at the sucky Neurologist office, told me about this drug but said that not only does insurance fight to approve it, but it was also hard to come by. Not if you work for Duke apparently lol My insurance approved it and I pick it up at the pharmacy later today. We discussed my tremors and mutually concluded that the Lyrica is probably making my tremors worse. Decreasing the dosage isn’t something I want to do, at least now, so she put me back on Propranolol. She said to call her if any of the medication didn’t work or had any adverse side effects and if I needed to come in, she would make time for me. I’m not a huge fan of Duke doctors, but their Neurology department is excellent.

That’s it for this week’s doctor appointments. 3 more (so far) for the month and hopefully, next month is appointment free. I’ll be posting non-update material later today when I have more than 20 minutes to write.

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