Holy 24 Hours Of Madness

Three doctor appointments in a 24hr period is exhausting. So, here’s the breakdown.

Dermatology: New doctor, the one I had went back to school. I like her, she’s very nice and a fellow New Englander. She looked over the rash I have on both forearms and said it’s because of the Lupus ‘part’ of the MCTD. I was almost positive that it was, but I’m obviously not an MD. She prescribed a steroid cream to use twice a day and recommended that I use a zinc-based sunscreen since I need to be extra careful about sun exposure. She recommended me to a colleague for the heat intolerance I have thanks to my meds.

Urology: I forgot how much I liked her. It’s been a year since I last had an appointment, so we had a lot of catching up. We talked about me still getting UTIs and she looked at the lab results of my last few urine cultures. Yummy. We went over what types of antibiotic that I could go on as a preventive. She really took the time to figure out which medication to put me on based on my current medications and possible future issues. She’s concerned that if she puts on type ‘C’ antibiotic (since I’m resistant to type ‘A’ and can’t take type ‘B’ because of the Cellcept), I’ll become immune and not respond to any type. Ultimately what we she decided to do was put me back on the antibiotic I was on previously, because my last UTI showed that it was sensitive to that type (meaning it would work to clear it up). I’m totally ok with that, it worked before and I trust her judgement and agree with her concerns. I have a follow up in a year unless something comes up.

Neurology: This was a cluster fuck. Ok, back story: I went to this Neurology office back in 2015 and had such a horrible experience that I left and never went back, in addition to trashing the doctor on every medical review site I could find. It’s been 3 years and my memory arenโ€™t as sharp as it once was, so when my PCP referred me there, I said ok. It wasn’t until yesterday while I am driving back from the doctor, that I began to put two and two together and realized what I signed up for. I went to the appointment (with Ava in tow which was a shit show) and saw his PA, who I think was at that 2015 appointment, but I don’t remember. She was nice and seemed to genuinely put effort into helping with my migraines.

Here’s my first gripe, she said that we couldn’t discuss both my migraines and my tremors because “we have a 30-minute window”. Fucking seriously? She asked me which issue I thought was more urgent, so I told her the truth, that they were both big issues. Migraines prevent me from doing a lot and my tremors caused me to slice off the top of my thumb. She decided to go with migraines. Fine. We decided that I would be prescribed a medication to take on the onset of migraine symptoms and Botox for the everyday headaches. It’s an option I’ve considered and discussed with my Neuro at Duke.

Gripe number two, she had some way outdated information and was reading off notes from 2015, before my diagnosis was confirmed via Plaquenil. “It says that you may have some type of connective tissue disease but it doesn’t say much”…bitch don’t make me defend my diagnosis because your shit isn’t up to date ๐Ÿ˜’ I had to correct her and let her know each and every diagnosis I’ve received since my 2015 appointment and she got wide eyed and did the whole “OMG you’re so young to be so sick”…thanks for the reminder lady.

I ended up setting up a “Botox Evaluation” for the beginning of next month, not sure if I’m going to keep it or not. The girl that checked me out and set up that appointment was as pleasant as getting reamed in the ass with a cactus. On the way home, I decided to call my Neurologist at Duke and amazingly got a follow up for next Tuesday. I don’t think I’ll ever complain about how long it takes to get an appointment because the other option is CLEARLY not worth it, in ANY shape or form. Let’s see what happens next week…

So that’s been my fun for the past 24 hours. I still have my appointment with my new Psychiatrist tomorrow afternoon, fingers crossed this one isn’t an asshole. Updates to come ๐Ÿ˜


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