Mortality and Medication

This week was one of the worst I’ve had in a very long time.

I found out late last week that a longtime friend had passed away. Out of respect for her and her family, I’m not going to go into detail about her passing. She went too soon; she was only a year or two older than me. She was the person that introduced me to one of my ex-boyfriends who I’m still friends with 12 years later. She was a beautiful person, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that didn’t like her. She was always happy, always funny, and her energy was contagious. We had a lot of good times together and I miss her. I don’t know why her death hit me so hard. I’m usually pretty ‘immune’ to death, be it family or friends but for some reason I just lost it when I found out. I have a lot of guilt for not spending more time with her, especially since she moved [to the state I live in]. I saw her twice in the almost 4 years we both resided here. Even when I knew she was sick I didn’t take the time to go and see her. I was wrapped up in my own shit, feeling sorry for myself over my health situation. I feel like an idiot and an asshole. When I asked a family member if there would be a funeral service, they told that it was going to be help the following morning. I didn’t get the chance to go on such short notice. The only thing that brings me a little bit of peace, is knowing that (because of the distance between our residences) I can go and pay my respects. After holding back tears for a few days, I finally lost it and cried for a few hours while talking to a mutual friend. I try not to think about her being gone because if I do, I’m just going to start to cry again. Not the best coping method, but it works.

My week wasn’t going so well before I found out about her death…

As I mentioned in my August 1st post, someone at my new pain doctor’s office, royally screwed up by giving me a prescription with someone else’s personal information on it. No one called that day, so I took it upon myself to ‘fix’ the situation. I called my PCP and left a message letting her know what happened and asked if she could help me out. She called me back later that day to let me know that the script would be in the office waiting for me. Awesome. My pain doctor’s office called me the next day [a day and half after I made the initial phone call] to ask me to dispose of the [paper] script and the medication would be called into my pharmacy. Problem solved, NOT!

Let me break down the timeline of the fuckery that was this week.

Friday (Aug. 3rd), my script gets called into my pharmacy. I have enough of the medication to get me through the weekend.

Monday comes, and I hadn’t received a text, call, or email notifying me that it was filled and ready. I go on the pharmacy app on my phone and the status says, ‘in process’. Ok, super. Keep in mind, this is day 1 without the Lyrica.

Tuesday, I get a phone call letting me know that they needed to special order the medication due to the quantity. Ok, it left me without it for a day or two, but I understand that [due to my new titration schedule] it was a larger quantity than they have in stock. I didn’t think it was a huge deal even though this was now day 2 without Lyrica.

Wednesday, I notice that I feel horrible. I was so nauseated that I couldn’t eat, my tremors were ten times worse than normal, my headaches got worse, I was having panic attacks, it was miserable. I get a notification later in the day, letting me know that my script was finally ready for pick up. I felt such shit, so I figured I would just go get it the following morning.

Thursday, holy fuck balls was I in pain. I felt like I had the flu which worried me to the point that I made an appointment to see someone else in my PCP’s office. I had to have my mom come over to drive me to the doctor because the vertigo was so bad, I couldn’t drive. I get to the doctor and unload my symptom list (which, I wrote on a post-it, so I wouldn’t forget them) and when they’re going through my medication list, and I mention that I haven’t been on Lyrica for a few days because of the series of bullshit that occurred. Doc says that she thinks it’s most likely do being without the Lyrica. I was happy that she didn’t think I was sick, but I was leery of her opinion. This is the second time I’ve been on Lyrica, but this the first time it’s worked, and thus, have been on it for a longer period; still didn’t think it was the culprit. She did an ECG and blood work to be safe. Doing the ECG was interesting. Neither myself or the nurse/doctor thought that my SCS would ‘interfere’ with the ECG machine. Ohhh we were wrong lol They had to do it twice, but everything was fine. After that, I got my lab work done. Straight to the pharmacy to pick up the Lyrica. I took 2/3 of my daily dosage and start to feel better. Clearly, I was wrong about the Lyrica being the issue. Lesson learned. My mom was nice enough to take Ava for the night, so I could recuperate.

Friday rolls in, and I feel 75% better, awesome. The PA that I saw the day before, calls me to let me know that some of my lab work didn’t look so good. My Creatine was high, Calcium was high, and two others were abnormal. She asked me to come back in a week and redo the lab work to see if everything returns to normal. Since I have an appointment with my Rheumatologist next week, I’m schedule to get my routine blood work done on Monday so I asked if the results from this upcoming Monday would be ok, or if I had to redo it on Thursday. She said the Monday results would be fine and to just let the office know what they are.

I had a bunch of errands to run and one of them was to go back to the pharmacy to pick up the meds that were auto refilled that day. One of the medications that should have been ready, was the Chlorothiazide. I was expecting to pick up 3 medications, including that one. I only received two. The conversation with the girl in the pharmacy went as follows:

Girl: “The Chlorotoisomething”

Me: “Chlorothiazide”

Girl: “Yeah, that one. That was is on hold because we have none in stock. It’s on back order.”

Me: “Ok. When will you have it in stock?”

Girl: Oh, I don’t know. Whenever the manufacturer makes more.”

Me: “Can you check and see if any other stores have any in stock?”

Girl: Typing into computer “It looks like [insert location I’ve never heard of] has a few.”

Me: “Do they have the amount I need or am I stuck with paying full price a few tablets?”

Girl: “I don’t know how many they have, Honestly, I would just ask your doctor to put you on another medication because I really don’t know when we’ll get this in.”

Me: “That would ideal if this weren’t the fourth medication I’ve tried and the only that has worked without causing me to go into acute renal failure.”

Girl: “Oh, no.” Silence “Ok, so your total is [insert dollar amount].

I AGAIN, had to call my PCP to inform that my pharmacy has ONCE AGAIN screwed me up with my meds. I repeated what the girl said about them not knowing when that medication will be stocked and said that if I need to be put on a similar medication, that was fine. A few hours later, the PA (I saw Thursday) calls to tell me that she called three different CVS locations looking for my medication. Talk about dedication. This is why I love that practice. She found enough medication at a location across town to buy me 10 days. I told her that I was ok with going without it, but she said that she would feel better if I continued the medication. She said she didn’t want me to go through any more problems due to being off medications for a few days. Fair enough.

Enter Saturday from stage right. My 3 weeks nightmare of solo parenting is over! Hubby finally came home after being in swamp ass Louisiana for work. All the bits of information from my last few posts should be coming together now. I couldn’t come out and say that I was the only adult in the house since people have been extra crazy lately. Now that he’s home, I’m hoping to god that Ava stops being a little tyrant and turns back into my child.

I’ll post an update after my lab work results come in and I’ve seen my Rheumatologist. Fingers crossed for my labs to be normal, so he doesn’t have to increase the Cellcept.

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