Warning: Excessive Use of Profanity. #SorryNotSorry

Holy chaos. The past week and a half have been nothing short of chaos. I’ve been taking care of mini me, our horse sized puppy, and the grumpy old beagle by myself [for safety reasons I can’t explain why]. I’ve always had respect for single mothers, but I have a whole other level of respect now. This is exhausting. So now this chaos is piled onto my normal chaos and I’m going to need a vacation.

Everything health wise has been pretty good. Since restarting the Cellcept, I’ve been more fatigued and nauseated. That’s how I felt when I first began taking it, so I know that it gets better. My back doesn’t like me for doing as much as I’ve been doing. I no longer have to wear my back brace, but I do when I need to do housework or play certain games with Ava. I’ve had to increase the voltage a few times depending on the day. The surgery has helped immensely but, it’s not 100% and never will be. I can do more than I’ve been able to in four years, so I can’t complain. Well, I mean, I could but I’ll spend that spoon on something else.

Funny/Not funny story: As I mentioned in my last post, I saw my new pain doctor at Duke and it was decided that my Lyrica would be titrated up to a desirable dosage. I had pills left from my current script, so I didn’t bother to bring the new script over to my pharmacy until maybe, a week later. Hubby takes it to our pharmacy and the pharmacist asks, “Who’s Carol?”, to which my husband said, “I don’t know, who is Carol?”. Someone made a big boo-boo at my doctor’s office. The script had the correct medication, dosage, and titration schedule. It didn’t however, have my personal information on it like it should. It had some woman named Carol from a neighboring town who’s 30+ years older than I am. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ When I called the office to tell them about it, I could hear the silent “oh shit” from the nurse on the phone. She was freaking out. Asking me if I gave the pharmacy the script, if the pharmacy filled it (which makes zero sense), and where is it. I told them that it’s sitting on my desk at home. I offered to mail it to them and was really hoping they wouldn’t ask me to hand deliver it [the drive and parking are a nightmare]. The nurse said she had to talk to her supervisor and would call me back. No call until the next day; they told me to dispose of it, so in the shredder it went. Wonder whose ass got chewed out for that. What makes the story even better is that since I started the new schedule for a week, I’m a few days short on pills anddddd of course my insurance won’t fill the new script until Friday. F.M.L.

The next cluster fuck I’m currently dealing with is a mysterious medical bill that I’ve never seen or heard of, about to go to collections. Ohhh, mama is on fire with this. Supposedly, I have an outstanding balance stemming from my accident last year. I’ve never heard of the company (Radiology) and I’ve never seen a bill with their name on it. We all know I have mild OCD, no secret there. On my desk, there’s a folder dedicated to any and everything related to my accident. Every bill that has come in has been paid, scanned, and sent electronically to the representative at the other drivers’ insurance company. I got the letter last night and immediately went into “oh shit” mode. I went through all the bills in my accident folder, the non-accident related ones in my filing cabinet, and looked at every scan I sent; not one bill. Not, a single fucking one. I called the Radiology company this morning and talked to a billing representative. She tells me they sent two letters, one in February and one in April. Super, I never got them. She then tells me an automated call went on in May. Super, I don’t answer calls from unknown numbers unless they leave a relevant message. She says there was a message left asking for me to contact them. AWESOME, I never got it. I ask her to send me a copy of the bill and asked if she could withdraw it from the collection agency because there’s clearly an issue here. Her response: “No sorry, there’s no proof”, to which I replied, “There’s no proof than anything was ever sent.” I’m telling this lady that if I got a bill from them, it would have gotten paid, and the other insurance company would have a copy of it. I asked her why [if I’m not meticulous about keeping and maintaining the files for my accident] I would blatantly ignore this one? Silence. That’s what I thought. So, now when I get home, I have to find the time and energy to go over all the paperwork all over again and talk to the claims rep about it. This is fucking bullshit. I’m too damn tired and have too much going on to deal with someone else’s mistake. Fucking fuck fuck fuck this. 🤬🤬🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Okay, I’m done. I needed that.

Neurologist appointment at Duke is Friday so I’ll post an update.


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