Quick Update

Hi hi. I had my appointment with my PCP late this afternoon. We made some med changes (big shocker there). My diuretic is increasing from 1000mg to 1500mg daily. As I talked about yesterday, the Lyrica is being titrated up from the 100mg daily dose. I did the first ‘step up’ today, increasing to 150mg and so far, so good. At my request, we are doing another titrate down on the Ativan. Instead of an allotted 150 tabs monthly (5 tabs daily), to 120 tabs monthly (4 tabs daily). I’m happy and proud of myself for undoing the damage my former psychiatrist caused. Soon enough my body will only need Ativan on an as needed basis with no withdrawals. Happy happy.

My PCP is also referring me to a physical therapist. The reason for the physical therapy is to help me regain strength and better mobility. One of the major effects of MCTD is that it causes the person to lose collagen and weakens the tissue, muscle, and bone. I want to be able to have the strength and endurance that I had before I became sick. I’m hoping this will jumpstart my path to getting a piece of my old self back.

Nothing left to do except to keep calm and autoimmune on. 🤘

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