Post-Op Update

I’m alive. Surgery went well, no complications. I finally hit the turning point in recovery yesterday. I’m not in as much pain as I was over the weekend. And man was I in pain. Maybe a half an hour after I woke up from my Propofol nap, I was in so much pain that 10mg of Oxycontin only cut the pain from a 9 to a 5. Aside from the antibiotic (I requested to be put on), I was given a muscle relaxer and Tramadol for pain. For the first two days, neither the muscle relaxer or the Tramadol touched the pain. It was bad. Like, top three most painful recoveries. I’m just glad that it only lasted upwards of 72 hours because I really did not want to be put on a narco. I can see why people who have had back surgery end up addicted to pain meds. I’m glad to be past that and feeling better.
Next week I have an appointment with the pain doctor at Duke and my post-op appointment with my surgeon. I get to turn the device on Friday which I’m psyched about. I have to say that I had a bit of anxiety the other day about having a foreign object(s) in my body. Then I reminded myself that I have eleven tattoos and I’ve had ink under my skin for 13 years lol I’m back to feeling like a bionic badass. I’ll update next week after my appointments.

Fun fact, while I was in pre-op, I found out that this was my 13th surgery/procedure in a 13-year span.

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