Can I Get An Update?

Hey all. Just posting a health update.

I had my MRI arthrogram which sucked, and it came back normal which sucks even more. I have an appointment later this month with my Pain doctor at Duke to discuss other treatment options. This is never ending and so irritating.

I had my Spinal Cord Simulator placed on Weds. and so far, so good. I go back next week to have the temp leads removed and if all goes well, I’ll set up a time to have my surgeon put a permanent implant in. The procedure was horrible and painful, but I think it’s going to be worth it.

My CRP was 3x higher than the highest end of the range. For whatever reason, I just got these results today and my Rheumatologist never got them. I called and left a message with his nurse to provide the result. No more than half an hour later he called me back. The Methotrexate is no longer working which means the disease has further progressed.

He’s now placing me on Cellcept which is much more aggressive than the Methotrexate. He told me that I run the risk of having bone marrow issues, including anemia and a low white blood cell count [that has the potential to be fatal according to him]. I’ve also read that it can cause skin cancer and lymphoma, both of which are common on both sides of my family. I can stop the Methotrexate immediately and after a month cam discontinue the Plaquenil as well. I’ll be taking 500mg twice a day of the Cellcept to start. Lab work done 4 weeks before my next appointment to see if it’s working.

If this fails, then the only step left is to go on a high dose chemotherapy. If it gets to that point, I have a feeling my borrowed time will become shorter than it is now.

One day at a time. One spoon at a time.

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