Lots To Catch Up On

16 days no post; I suck. So much has happened that I’ve either forgotten to post or was too tired to. I’m exhausted and my hands and feet are swollen to hell, but I needed to get my thoughts down. That’s probably why I haven’t been able to sleep soundly for over a week. Let’s get the show on the road!

I’ve had three doctors’ appointments in a ten-day span (which is on the low side I’m happy to say), two upcoming appointments [so far], one MRI to do, and one, maybe two surgical procedures. Sounds like a lot but trust me, I’m thrilled! I’ll break it down.

Back Doctor: I got ‘the call’ from my back doctor about the spinal cord stimulator trial and I’m super excited to say that my insurance approved it and didn’t even need to have it pre-approved. Proved the bitch PA [that told me I needed a miracle] wrong. I almost put her on blast on every medical review website, but I decided to be an adult and just ask that she never be my provider; like ever. So, I’ll be seeing that locations MD on the 30th to have the trial S.C.S. placed and if it works, I’ll have the permanent one placed on June 6th. If this device works and I have little to no back pain, I feel like I’ll be able to gain a piece of my old self back.

Duke Pain Clinic: I finally had my appointment at Duke last week! I liked the doctor a lot. He took the time to listen to my chief complaints and explain everything my Ortho had tried before referring me. He did the usual, going over my meds, medical/surgical history, and exam. He disagrees with the diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Disorder. At first, I didn’t know how I felt about him saying that, but once he explained why, it made sense. Most of my pain and weakness is in my triceps and shoulder, as opposed to the entire arm. He performed a strength test and confirmed that my triceps were weak but said my bicep looked ok. If I did in fact have CRPD, I would have wide spread weakness and pain rather than it being in a specific area. Makes sense and I accept and agree with his opinion. I explained that I’ve had every test done on my shoulder except for an MRI arthrogram. He put orders in for me to have one done; appointment is next week.

I have mixed feelings about the outcome and the upcoming test. On one hand, I’m glad that finally, I’m getting the one test done that I wish my Ortho had ordered (and felt I needed). I’ve been adamant that there is something wrong that has been missed. I don’t blame my Ortho or anyone for it; I should have spoken up sooner and requested it. I believe that the results will show a tear that either needs surgical repair or extensive physical therapy, or even both. On the other hand, the ‘procedure’ itself sucks. I vividly remember having it done years ago. The needle used to inject the dye is freaking huge; big enough that I need to be sedated. Then, you’re stuck hearing this gross slushing sound in your shoulder until your body absorbs the dye. I shudder just thinking about it. Gross. Anyway, if I’m wrong and it shows nothing out of the ordinary, I have absolutely no idea what the next step is. I don’t know what else there is to do. I’m trying to stay positive. I am so over the back and forth with the insurance companies over the accident. I just want my damn money and move on. This feels like 2009 all over again. Grr.

Audiologist: This doctor is in my top three for favorite specialist. I was a bit freaked out about having to see an Audiologist at my age. My dad decided it would be a good idea to tell me not to let anyone pressure me into buying hearing aids. Because I wasn’t already catastrophizing the outcome my appointment enough; he had to take it another level. Buddha have mercy. My doctor was reassuring and made me feel like the world wasn’t going to end if I did in fact have hearing loss. The testing is a lot like the kid you have as a child for school. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m happy to report that my hearing is within normal range. She told me everything I was freaking out about (having the turn the volume up on everything and having certain sounds amplified) was completely normal. I don’t need to make an appointment or get retested unless I notice a change. Phew!

PCP: So far, I’ve only been in there to get some labs done for my back doctor. I do however, have an appointment coming up for Sunday because, surprise, I have a UTI. I thought my body had worked this whole UTI/kidney infection out, but I guess not. This is the thanks I get for having a little much “fun” with my husband this past week. Sorry mom! I have no idea why I just wrote that *face palm*

Meds: No huge changes for once. Thankfully, the Lyrica seems to be working this time. The diuretic has helped more than any of the others I’ve tried, although it seems to wear off after about 8-10 hours. Maybe a dosage increase can correct that; I’ll bring it up Sunday.

It’s been a slower but [forever] hectic few weeks and it’ll only get worse. Woohoo. I’ll do my best to update when I have something worthwhile to share.




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