EMG Update

Hey hey. I can finally use my left arm to write!

So, my EMG. Oh MY God (Chandler Bing voice) it was borderline barbaric. The first one I had done in 2009 was NOTHING like this one. The first part, in which, this doctor I’ve never met, basically used a taser on my arm seemed vaguely familiar. It made my arm twitch and it didn’t feel awesome, but it was tolerable. Part two involved sticking slightly larger acupuncture needles into various parts of my hand, forearm, bicep, triceps, and ‘to be extra thorough” my neck. Doesn’t sound horrible right? It wasn’t until he started TWISTING the needles INTO MY FREAKING BODY!! Holy mother of god. If that isn’t currently a method of torture used by the military, it ought to be. I can’t remember how many times I said fuck and other variations of that word but, it was a lot. I could barely move any part of my arm or hand for two days. Not to toot my own horn [toot toot MFs] but I’m tough when it comes to pain and THAT almost made me want to throw up and pass out. Never. Again.

I go see my ortho tomorrow for my results and I have a hunch that we’re going to have to go back to basics to find the root of the problem. I’ll post an update tomorrow.


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