Happy (Belated) Blogiversary to Me!

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I began blogging. I looked back on some older posts and am floored at all I’ve been through in such a short amount of time. So much has changed over these past 12 months, it’s amazing. What’s even more amazing is that my friends, family, and strangers have continued to follow me on my journey by reading my posts.

It isn’t always easy to say what I feel I needs to be said but, I believe that I deserve to be honest with myself and with all of you. My blog started off with me providing a small window into what my life is like with MCTD. As my blog progressed, it became more personal and important that I be as honest as possible. This is a form of therapy for me and, as I would to my own therapist, I opened up about how my whole life has been affected by my disease. I put my walls down (as much as I could) and shed light on what motherhood and marriage is like [for me] when you’re chronically ill.

This year should be a particularly eventful one and you can rest assure that I’ll be keeping everyone updated.

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