Health Update

Good god has it been a busy few weeks with doctors’ appointments. As uncomfortable as it [physically] is to write, I owe you guys more updates than you’ve been receiving. Where to start…

Ok I’ll give as much detail about my car accident as I can without it causing a disruption and possibly costing me thousands in settlement money. So, in November, I was in my car driving Ava to preschool when someone came out of a parking lot and hit the driver’s side of car. Ava (thank god) didn’t have a scratch on her. The other people in the ‘at fault’ car seemed unharmed. Me being me, sustained a concussion (left side of my head hit who knows what during the accident) and injured my once repaired left shoulder. For those of you that don’t know, in 2008 I was hit by drunk driver and as a result needed extensive surgery on my left shoulder. My left side seems to bear the brunt of most of my physical ailments and damages. I’ve seen my orthopedic surgeon more than I’ve seen my parents lately. Once I have a final MRI and an EMG (nerve test), I should be able to schedule my surgery for early next month. Since I’ve ‘been there, done that’ with my shoulder, the pain is tolerable and I’m able to dismiss it sometimes. What really has been messing with me is the Post-Concussion Syndrome my PCP just diagnosed me with; it’s a beast. Between the symptoms (memory and concentration loss, headaches, noise and light sensitivity, etc…) and the possibility that this could last upwards of a year has me reeling. I’m currently waiting to go see a Neurologist (one without a 6 month plus waiting period) and be evaluated further. For now, my amazing PCP is helping me managing my symptoms. So, that’s what’s been up with that…

I believe I updated you all on my recent blood work which confirmed my MCTD diagnosis. It’s a catch 22. My PCP and I discussed it at my last appointment and we’re happy that I haven’t been being treated for an illness I don’t have for going on four years. At the same time, we both kind of hoped that the tests would come back showing that I had a lesser disease and one with a cure. It is what it is I suppose. I did have my first appointment with my new Hepatologist and I’m pleased with how it went. I like the doctor and I’m super happy that he has a game plan that will not only [attempt to] uncover what’s damaging my liver but is also taking my feelings about my MCTD into consideration. I told him that since I’ve been off the Methotrexate, my [MCTD] symptoms have come back full force and I can barely function. Knowing that being on it long term can (and may have already) further damage my liver, we came to a compromise of me going back on it temporarily until the ‘liver mystery’ is solved. Next week I’m having an ultrasound of my liver and some bloodwork done to test for a few conditions I don’t believe I’ve been tested for yet, but in reality, I wouldn’t remember if I had them done before or not! After that comes the liver biopsy [again, been there, done that] and a follow up in three weeks to set up a long-term game plan.

My meds, again, have changed and I’m back up to…12 or so medications monthly. So far, so good. Fingers crossed!

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