Health Update and a Bombshell

Everything is a giant luster fuck right now. I’ve been to so many doctors in the past month and a half that I can’t even keep up with who I saw, when, and what they said. I’m now up to 14 specialists; someone give me a tiara or a cookie or something.

I’ve had (more) med changes, including coming off Methotrexate, changing anti-anxiety meds, reducing my dosage of Plaquenil (it’s useless anyway), going on longer lasting and stronger versions of Gabapentin and my NSAIDs, and being placed on 50,000 IUs of Vitamin D weekly. Needless to say, that my body is going “what the hell did you just do to me!!!” and I’m not feeling too well.

I also have a few lovelier diagnoses to add to the list and some updates on some old ones…

I have Bursitis in both hips now and have gotten these god-awful injections to help with the pain and inflammation (naturally no one knows how or why I have it) and my liver has decided to misbehave. My (new) Hepatologist is wavering on whether it’s Autoimmune Hepatitis or Drug Induced Hepatitis (caused by the Methotrexate). I will find out in December once the Methotrexate is out of my system completely and he can repeat the liver panels I just had done last week.

My Vitamin D Deficiency is back with a vengeance (as you can tell by my medication changes above). My lower back has gotten worse and is now messing with my Sciatic nerve, so I had an MRI today to see “what’s going on”. What’s going on is I have 2 slipped discs that no one will operate on!! I’m waiting for my new pain management doctor to call me with the results, so I know what they’ll do or don’t do to help me. My left shoulder that has the Tendonitis in it hasn’t gotten any better, so, I just received another cortisone injection. I follow up with my Ortho in a month and if the pain and weakness hasn’t subsided, I’m most likely looking at another surgery on that shoulder. Yay.

Time to drop the bombshell…

I FINALLY saw the Rheumatologist at Duke after waiting 6+ months…nice guy, did a very thorough intake and exam; quality doctor…WHO IS TELLING ME I MAY HAVE BEEN MISDIAGNOSED FOR 3 YEARS!!! He doesn’t know what I have because I’m currently not presenting the typical MCTD symptoms (which he said could be since I’ve been medicated for the disease for almost 3 YEARS). So, the game plan now is to start allll over again and retest me for alllll the things I’ve been tested for previously. I can’t decide if I’m happy that I may not have this awful disease (which to be honest, both me and my PCP still believe I have), annoyed at this doctor for doubting my previous doctors (my PCP and Rheumatologist), or if I want to throat punch my current Rheumatologist for possibly misdiagnosing me and putting me on a medication that’s now permanently fucked up my liver.

Test results and time will tell…Updates to follow!





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