I’m here, I’m alive, don’t fire me!

I’m a total asshole for not having written for over a week, there, I said it. Part of me hasn’t had the time or the energy and the other part of me say “eh, does it really matter?”. Yes! It matters to me even if the rest of you have forgotten I exist.

So, let’s get right to it.

Med update: I did not tolerate the 1800mgs a day of Gabapentin well AT ALL. I felt foggy and even more fatigued than normal; just all around not good. I spoke with my super awesome Neurologist who acted and reduced my Gabapentin back down to 900mgs a day and placed me on 40mgs a day of Propranolol. Propranolol (try saying that five times fast) is supposed to be used for high blood pressure but according to my Neuro, it doesn’t exactly do what it was made to (I call it the Viagra Effect). The most common and annoying side effect (that could, and probably will happen since, ya know, it’s me), is dizziness upon standing. Other than that, it should work well with my other meds and help with these charming headaches. I’m tolerating the Naproxen he put on me just fine and aside from the occasional vomiting from the Metho, everything is fine and dandy on the med side.

Health Update: I found out the hard way that MCTD + Methotrexate + Plaquenil + the antibiotic I was on + the outdoor sunlight = me in agonizing pain for 3 days. Oh MY God (Chandler Bing voice) was that a tough lesson to learn. In my defense though, I’m half Sicilian so I’ve never had an issue with tanning and I rarely ever burn. Plus, I mean, I was only outside with Ava, in her kiddie pool for an hour or so…I didn’t think much of it. Such a bad, bad, bad idea. I was swollen, and I think, only temporarily, damaged some nerve or tissue in my hands. I did massive amounts of research afterwards to see if my symptoms matched any medical information about MCTD, and everything I was experiencing was ‘normal’ after sun exposure. So, I know now that it’s either no tanning at all or spray tanning unless I want to damage my tissue and organs more. Other than that lovely incident, everything is routine except my left shoulder. I see my Ortho on Monday and get my cortisone injection before I chew my arm off at the shoulder.

Updates to come! Be on the lookout.

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