Health Update

I FINALLY saw my new Neurologist at Duke yesterday, after waiting for three months. Wonderful doctor, very knowledgeable and friendly. Luckily, after doing testing and discussing my symptoms, he determined that there’s nothing significantly wrong with me. Woohoo! He concluded that my constant headaches were mostly due to the amount of NSAIDs I’m taking, along with stress, and my caffeine intake. He switched me from Ibuprofen to Naproxen and doubled my dosage of Gabapentin (went from 900mg a day to 1800mg!). I’d love to say that I’ll switch from regular coffee to decaf but let’s be real, decaf was invented by sadists. I’m going to attempt to use smaller cups for my much-needed morning and evening coffee. Hopefully, the new medication regimen will help with the headaches. I have a follow up appointment in four months, but he asked that I call him before then to let him know how I’m feeling. If anything needs to be adjusted, we’ll do it as needed.
Tomorrow is my follow up with my Orthopedic Surgeon, so I’ll post an update on how the appointment goes.

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