Update Time!

Meds: I decided to try something different and take my Methotrexate on Tuesday evening before bed rather than taking it Wednesday morning. My thinking was that since last week, the upped dosage made me feel awful, maybe the side effects wouldn’t affect me since I’ll be asleep as the medication begins to “settle in”. Smart idea on my part. I didn’t feel nauseous or overly tired yesterday at all!

That unfortunately is the only good news to share…

MRI Results: I have been officially diagnosed with Calcifying Tendonitis in my left shoulder (basically I have calcium deposits hanging out in my shoulder wreaking havoc). My new Orthopedic Surgeon (who is awesome by the way) said that it’s something that can come on spontaneous and is very painful (uhhh no shit). He had me get two shoulder x-rays to make sure nothing else was going on that wasn’t on the MRI report. I’m not exactly excited that my already damaged shoulder has new issues, but it could be worse. What really shocked me though, was that after he looked at the reports and images (of my 2009 shoulder surgery) tells me that he doesn’t think they should have done such extensive surgery given my age (I was 21). Evidently, the surgeon that worked on my shoulder all those years ago did more harm than good by doing “the repairs” that he did. SERIOUSLY??!!

Ugh, so anyway, the course of treatment is cortisol shots and physical therapy. I received my first cortisol shot ever and no one warned me that it was going to hurt like a mother… for days. I’m procrastinating on setting up my physical therapy appointments because I loathe them. I’ve had so much physical therapy in the past 10 years to last me a freaking life time. I’m on the fence on whether I’ll be a good patient and take the doctors’ orders.

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