The Elephant in the Room

I made a big step the other day…I opened up about my medical bill fiasco via starting a Go Fund Me page. Kinda sad that I had to set up my own page but that’s a whole other issue. I’m a big believer that you should keep your financial status and any issues you may have, private; which is exactly what I’ve been doing. As a result, I’ve been drowning in medical bills. It’s OUTRAGEOUS. I’m at about $8,000.00 in medical debt as of today.
Hospital visits cost me $3,500.00+ a pop and that doesn’t include the bills for whatever tests they may do. Then add on the physicians’ bill for treating me and it’s insane. Thankfully, my medications aren’t expensive anymore (my Plaquenil used to cost me $97.00 a month) so that helps. I’m required to get my blood drawn every four weeks for my Methotrexate and every three months to check my Parathyroid, Liver, and Kidney function. Every time I get my blood drawn, that’s get another cost I can’t avoid. It’s never ending. No matter how hard you work to play catch up, there’s another damn bill in the mail!

I really did not want to do a Go Fund Me page, my pride and my ego were screaming at me to stop typing and put the laptop down but, for some odd reason, common sense won that argument. It’s common sense: if you need help, ask for help. At a certain point, you have to say fuck you to your ego and pride or else the boat’s just going to sink. I decided that since I hate getting my hair wet, I better ask for help before the water gets too high. I don’t expect to get the amount needed to get me fully out of medical debt and I’m okay with that.

I’ve been checking my blog and have been FLOORED at the increase in visitors and views. People are learning about MCTD and I’m excited about that. If awareness and education come out of my Go Fund Me page, then I’ve done something right. When you live with a rare disease, most people have no idea it exists and how it affects the people who have it. So, I want to say thank you to those of you that have shared my GFM page and those that have taken the time to read my blog.

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