And the Hits Keep Coming

I really can’t ever seem to catch a break. This has to be karmic retribution for being such as a bitch sometimes or maybe for something I did in a past life.

My bloodwork came back, and it was not good. My CRP (C-Reactive Protein aka the “marker” for my MCTD) came back at a 7.80. The Methotrexate should have brought down to a 5.00 or below. So, as Rheumatologist #1 explained last visit, my dosage of Metho has now increased from 10mg to 15mg. I started the increased dosage this week and it hit me like a ton of bricks. As I’ve described in my weekly medication updates, the 10mg dosage hasn’t had any “hardcore” side effects but this extra 5mg kicked my ass. I was sick as a dog for two days straight; body aches, fatigue, bad nausea…not good. I’m hoping that as the weeks progress, my body adjusts to the added dosage and the nasty side effects taper off. In addition to that, it turns out that my Vitamin D deficiency has returned so I’ve started taking vitamin supplements to try and regulate the levels. Luckily, my liver, kidney, and parathyroid panels all came back normal so there aren’t any other major wars going on inside my body.

As for my MRI results…the woman who explained the results over the phone used a bunch of medical terminology that made zero sense; she might as well have been speaking in tongues. I had to look up the results on my doctors “patient portal” and all I really understand is that I have Calcifying Tendinitis in my shoulder. I can’t remember what she said about what else the MRI showed (shocker, I can’t remember something) but she dumbed down the jargon and basically told me it’s “chronic overuse”. She tells me that icing it, taking NSAIDS, and rest will help ease the pain. Ok, first off, I’m right-handed so why is my left shoulder and arm messed up but not my right? Secondly, I have been icing it daily. Third, I take NSAIDS anyway for the MCTD. And finally, with an almost 3-year-old, how do you suggest I rest it? *Face palm* Mind you, I’ve had prior surgery on this arm (rotator cuff repair and bicep tenodesis almost 10 years ago) so the chances that it’s more than “chronic overuse” are slightly higher than normal. I asked to be referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon, so they can examine my old records and films and do a more in-depth look into what could be going on. I know my body well enough to know that something isn’t as it should be [given my symptoms and the length of time in which I’ve had them]. I need to call on Monday and hopefully get an appointment sooner than later because I’m about to chew my arm off!

I will post an update on the Ortho appointment and let you all know how I tolerate the meds next week.

Happy Easter!

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