End of Week 1 Update

So, I have been on the Methotrexate for a full week and (not to jinx myself but) I think this is the medication that’s going to help me get back to “normal”. I’m not nearly as achy and swollen as I was prior to beginning the Methotrexate. The Meloxicam is helping to alleviate those symptoms as well. My headaches are still an issue but that (hopefully) will be handled when I see the Neurologist at Duke in May. The only two issues that are still bothering me are the fatigue and nausea. I’m still more fatigued than before and I get nauseous quite often which wasn’t one of my previous symptoms (or medication side effects). I’m optimistically assuming that both symptoms will lessen or even go away completely once the medication has had more time to “settle in”. Two thumbs up thus far for the new med combo!

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