Since the last update, not too much (medically) has happened. I had my cystoscopy (having a camera put through your urethra to look inside the bladder). It wasn’t anything like I expected and better than that, they found nothing wrong inside. The downside to the positive outcome of the procedure is that my Urologist still has no idea why I keep having blood in my urine. And I now must take an antibiotic every time my husband and I have sex to help prevent the chance of developing a UTI and in turn getting another kidney infection.

I finally have appointments with a Neurologist (although I have to wait until May) and a Dermatologist for the skin biopsy. Of course, Rheumatologist #3 has yet to reveal him or herself so in the mean time I decided to take matters into my own hands and put myself back on the Imuran. I have yet to take the Imuran though since I had that procedure done just last week and I REALLY don’t want to end up back in the hospital. I’m hoping to get up the nerve to start it next week and pray it doesn’t make me sick as a dog like last time.

I’ll update if anything changes!

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