Update and Mini Rant

So, as you can tell from the gap in posting that I’ve been a bit m.i.a. the past week or so. Bianca has been running the show and has decided that I should feel miserable enough to make an appointment with my PCP. I thought the bitch blessed me with yet another kidney infection but no, she decided that a referral to a Urologist and more lab work would suffice. The only good thing to come out of that visit was someone FINALLY gave me Lasix to get this water weight off! Woohoo. It’s sad that getting yet another medication made me go woohoo. #MCTD Life. So, that explains my lack of posting.

Rant time. Until today, I had been playing phone tag with Rheumatologist #2 for over a week and was ready go crazy. For some reason, neither my doctor, nor her nurse remembered that they were supposed to set me up with three specialist referrals. I had to remind them. Me. The one who puts her purse in the refrigerator and frantically looks for it for an hour. After jogging their memories and two or three back and forth phone calls, I have a productive conversation with my doctors’ nurse. They have or will be sending out referrals for me to see a Neurologist (constant headaches for years now), a Dermatologist (for a skin biopsy for the rash that can accompany MCTD), and lastly…ANOTHER RHEUMATOLOGIST!!! Yes…I’m being passed along, yet again, to another Rheumatologist. I heard that and wanted to slam my head against the wall. I feel like a bong at a college frat party I’ve been passed around so much. Absolutely ridiculous. Oh, did I mention that Rheumatologist #3 is over an hour away at UNC and I have zero clue how long the wait list to see him/her will be. Congratulations North Carolina, your healthcare system sucks!!!

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