The “M” Word

Medication…God I hate you. You’re expensive and your side effects suck. I blame Bianca. I’ve been on (and off) more prescription medication than Amanda Bynes circa 2013. I kind of get a laugh out of having doctors go through my medication list because there are so many “nope, stopped that”, “what the hell is that?”, and “uhhh I think I might be’…”; it’s a circus show.

Since I’ve decided to be an open book, I’m going to share with you all my current medication list. Just don’t get too excited, I’m awaiting a few more prescriptions to come through in the next few days. So, currently my lovely daily medication dispenser includes:

  • Cymbalta– for my PSTD/Anxiety/Depression
  • Ativan-my saving grace
  • Gabapentin– for the nerve pain associated with the MCTD (a lovely 900 mg daily dosage)
  • Plaquenil– 400 daily mg of a medication that stopped working SIX MONTHS AGO! (and costs nearly $100 a month might I add)

I’ve been on five different medications to try and help my brain function was it once did (Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin, ect…), not one of them worked so now my Psychiatrist is looking into Alzheimer’s/Dementia medications that may work well with my existing medication. I’ve been on both Lyrica and Celebrex to help with the joint and all over radiating pain; both flops.

Since I’m allergic to Prednisone my Rheumatologist put me right on the anti-malarial medication (aka the Plaquenil) and while it did work for the a while, it stopped. After about a year, Bianca decided that she didn’t the medication anymore and quit responding to it (I told you she can be a real bitch). Next step was the most undesirable one: immunosuppressive medication. I contemplated for weeks about whether to go on it until one day I said, “screw it “and I agreed to begin using the medication. Worst. Decision. EVER. I was sick as a dog for the whole two weeks I was on it. We’re talking, excruciating muscle and joint pain to the point where I could barely get out of bed. After two of the worst weeks I can remember having, I took myself and have been instructed by Rheumatologist #2 to continuing taking my $100 a month medication that does diddly squat.

I’m currently awaiting medication for my other best friend, Insomnia, an Anti-Anxiety/Depression medication that doesn’t cost $300+ a month, Lasix to remove the water weight, and something to help my cognition and memory. Once I get more fun pills to take multiple times a day, I’ll provide an update.


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