From the beginning…sort of

I wish I had started this the day my diagnosis came in; would have saved me a few hundred in co-pays to my Psychiatrist. So, rather than beginning my blogging journey on day 1, it’s beginning on day 300 and something; better late than never…

Most days my muscles and joints are so swollen with fluid that walking up the 20 stairs to the second floor in my townhouse is exhausting. Add that to the chronic fatigue that’s ever present (despite the amount of caffeine I consume on a daily basis) and it’s a lovely combination. So, not only am I swollen (we’re talking pregnant lady swelling here), exhausted, and in constant pain, but the best symptom of all is my decreased cognition. What do I mean by decreased cognition? I’ve put my purse in the refrigerator and then proceeded to look for it for a solid hour or so. Oh, you told me something only ten minutes ago? Well, you might as well repeat yourself about five more times because I wont remember a damn thing.

Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. My disorder is rare enough that most people (including medical professionals) have never heard of it, which means that the information on it is repetitive and redundant and the case studies on it are basically non-existent. Autoimmune Disorders suck in general but mine is a special kind of suck. No, we’re not friends and quite frankly I wish it would get the hell out of dodge but not such luck. I might as well give my disorder a name and his/her own seat at the dinner table because he/she is here to stay. Can you sense the overwhelming joy?

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